The Depositary Integration with TDS Custodial

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This new partner integration between The Depositary and TDS Custodial complements the TDS Insured integration that has been in place since 2019, providing clients an optimised service-offering regardless of which TDS deposit solution agents opt for.

This new, rich integration will be another leap forward in streamlining the process for all; removing the need to hop between platforms, duplicating data entry and delivering a smoother, faster experience for Agents, Tenants and Landlords alike. The integration will deliver the following functionality and enhancements:

Ultimately a faster, more accurate, easier process for all. 

Validate an accurate and correct certificate code has been used

Auto-populate the deposit amount into The Depositary - removing data duplication and eliminating human error

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Submit agreed fund allocations directly & instantly to TDS - removing data duplication, human error, dashboard fatigue and speeding up the process

The TDS Custodial Scheme Benefits

Communications log

Powerful online evidence portal

Tenancy activity function

Pre-populated version of the prescribed information

Split repayments between tenants

Update tenant contact details directly

Simple Tenant changeover function

Change the lead tenant mid-tenancy

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