The Depositary Integration with TDS Custodial

This new partner integration between The Depositary and TDS Custodial complements the TDS Insured integration that has been in place since 2019, providing clients an optimised service-offering regardless of which TDS deposit solution agents opt for.

This new, rich integration will be another leap forward in streamlining the process for all; removing the need to hop between platforms, duplicating data entry and delivering a smoother, faster experience for Agents, Tenants and Landlords alike. The integration will deliver the following functionality and enhancements:

Ultimately a faster, more accurate, easier process for all. 

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Validate an accurate and correct certificate code has been used

Auto-populate the deposit amount into The Depositary - removing data duplication and eliminating human error

Submit agreed fund allocations directly & instantly to TDS - removing data duplication, human error, dashboard fatigue and speeding up the process

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The TDS Custodial Scheme Benefits

Communications log

Powerful online evidence portal

Tenancy activity function

Pre-populated version of the prescribed information

Split repayments between tenants

Update tenant contact details directly

Simple Tenant changeover function

Change the lead tenant mid-tenancy

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